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I DO STUFF - Rev Amy Blackthorn


Rev. Amy Blackthorn is a Usui Reiki Master, a Silver Dragon Reiki Master, and a Level II Dragon Reiki Practitioner, as well as a practitioner of shamanic studies and a student in a Master Aromatherapy program. She helps open-minded people improve the quality of their life with energy work, and other modalities if desired, including folk magic and crystal therapy, in a session for optimal energetic benefit.  Amy enjoys incorporating stones, crystals and plant energies to create your own unique health portrait.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is energetic healing.  Reiki is derived from two words, “rei”and “ki. ‘Rei’ means spirit or soul and “ki” meaning life force or energy. There is energy in all things, energy that is in motion at all times. The particles that make up the ground you stand on, the room you are in and, the computer that you are looking at right now - it's all energy in motion.  Reiki is a Japanese system that teaches you to direct energy that is all around us to heal the ailments of others and ourselves. It was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 during a 21 day retreat of fasting, prayer and meditation. 
Reiki is practiced by people all over the world, and though developed by a devout man, this is not a religious practice.
Usui was quoted as saying:
“The secret art of inviting happiness, the miraculous medicine for all diseases. At least for today:

  • Do not be angry,
  • Do not worry,
  • Be grateful,
  • Work with diligence,
  • Be kind to people.”

What you can expect:

A Reiki session is an individualized experience that is relaxing, gentle, and safe for all.  It involves healing in a way that will empower you while respecting your feelings and choices.

When you meet with your practitioner for the first time you will be asked to read and acknowledge that you understand your practitioner upholds the highest ethics and also that your personal information remains confidential and is never shared. The practitioner is obligated to respect your confidentiality, be considerate of your needs, and answer your questions. It is explained to you that Reiki does not promise to cure any illness or condition or replace any medical treatments or therapies. The practitioner will begin by explaining Reiki to you and what she will be doing. Your safety and comfort are always the main consideration. If at any time during the session you have any concerns you should let your practitioner know so that appropriate adjustments can be made.

Any number of additions can be made to tailor your Reiki session to your specific needs.

What to wear for your Reiki treatment:

  • Comfortable, loose clothing
  • Limited jewelry
  • Shoes that are easily removable outside of the treatment room
  • No belts
  • No perfumes or colognes
  • Long hair should be pulled back for access to the neck

As you lay on a padded treatment table, fully clothed, soft music will play in the background. Should you prefer quiet you can let your practitioner know; this is your session so be sure to speak up if you have any concerns or requests. Treatments can also be done in a treatment chair. Your comfort and needs are always the main consideration.

Prior to the treatment the practitioner will feel your energy field by placing her hands over your body as she performs a scan known as a Byosen Scan.  This will often enable a skilled practitioner to tell where there are areas in your energy field that may need healing before she begins the Reiki session.  A subtle difference is felt in her hands at those areas.  This procedure makes the session much more beneficial.

She will then place her hands above or lightly touching specific areas called chakras, places in the body where the energy flows through. This is never intrusive and you will begin to feel very relaxed as you allow the energy to flow to the areas where it is most needed by your body.  It is at this stage that people usually begin to feel the stress lifting.  It is a remarkable experience and for most the effects are immediate while others may not notice anything for a few days.  Reiki always works and the more open you are the more intense your experience will be. 

If you are having problems in specific areas your practitioner can concentrate more energy there.  Reiki always goes where it is needed most whether it is mental, physical, and/or spiritual.  Many clients report that they felt calm, relaxed, and sometimes even tingly during their session.  They always look forward to their next session. It is not uncommon for a client to present with pain and leave with none or very little. 

It is not uncommon for a client to report that they had seen bright colors or specific images. Reiki is relaxing but you cannot assume that each session will be the same.  Each time you have a session Reiki meets you where you are at that moment and then moves you from that place closer to your unique place of balance.  Acute conditions tend to balance faster than chronic conditions just as children and animals tend to respond faster than adults.  The Reiki practitioner cannot predict how much Reiki an individual gets in a session; we only know that the client draws what they need at that time according to the ability of the practitioner to be a conduit for the energy.

No Apparent Cleansing Process

It is not necessary to have any kind of "symptoms" during or even after a Reiki treatment.  It does not infer that the treatment did not work since no two individuals have the same energetic levels.  Your energy is specific to you much like your fingerprint is.

The Physical Cleansing Process

Reiki stimulates your natural healing ability and this may result in the clearings becoming apparent.  This means that you are becoming more open and that your energetic flow is building in strength; this is similar to a clogged drain gradually opening up and clearing. . 

The Non-Physical Cleansing

This could be a clearer sense of purpose, a release of emotions, and a deeper connection to your spiritual development.  Reiki philosophy suggests that we must always heal our spirit first since clearing the body is a natural and connected method that supports healthy living.  A non-physical clearing may often be at the base of a physical clearing.

Reiki is beneficial in keeping your energy from becoming stuck which can stop your emotional connection to life.  Cleansing is an innate process and one that is always at work.  Receiving Reiki treatments does not mean that you will never get sick; it encourages the body to remove impurities as it views the body in a constant state of imbalance.  The clearing process is constant, though not always noticeable and not always recognized for what it is - a re-balancing of the body.  The more Reiki you are exposed to the deeper the cleansing process. 

Always be compassionate to yourself, show respect to your body by listening to it and avail yourself to other health care providers whenever you feel it might be beneficial.

Reiki is always there for you. I invite you to experience Reiki, a doorway to clarity and wholeness; your invitation to wellness.

Amy has so much to offer people it is unreal. Not only does she have intelligence in many areas and aspects of life, but she has a big heart to go along with that. I highly recommend Amy!

-Carmen O.