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I DO STUFF - Rev Amy Blackthorn

Rev. Amy Blackthorn has been an active member of the Maryland and Delaware Tarot community for more than fourteen years. Amy enjoys working in the Green Witchcraft Tradition and incorporates her experiences in a Traditional coven setting with several years of hard work including studies in Horticulture, Aromatherapy and natural Healing. Amy blends her knowledge of the Earth's energies and Guardians as well as the Fae and Astrology to provide a whole portrait of the self in her readings.

Intuitive Tarot: Rev. Amy has a unique divination experience awaiting you. Working with her Guides, she blends Earthy energy signatures with traditional tarot decks and nature oracles to give you a full spectrum of information. It is common to see Tarot readers with one deck of Tarot cards. In a reading with Amy, expect to see multiple Tarot decks, Oracle decks, as well as the potential for an appearance by crystals, oracle stones, even Ogham sticks!

Pricing for a reading with Amy: $25 per 15 minute reading in person or via phone. Minimum 30 min reading if travel is needed.
 Email reading: 1 question = 15 minutes, emailed to you. 

Payment Policy:  Payment for Phone or Email readings is required prior to reading.  If travel exceeding 20 minutes from my home payment is required minimum 24 hours prior to reading.  If reading is not canceled 24 hours prior to scheduled time fee is non-refundable. All payments can be made via PayPal, or in cash for in person readings.

Tarot Parties:

Each guest may book 15 minutes- 1 hour at a party, and we request those enjoying a longer reading go last so that those enjoying a longer reading can be given due consideration.

For parties of 3-5 (not including host) pricing $25 per 15 minutes, one free 15 minute reading for the hostess.

5 or more (including host) cost is $20/ 15 minutes with host receiving free 15 minute reading.

10 or more guests $20/ 15 minutes and host(s) enjoy one half hour reading free, or two fifteen minute readings free.

Astrological "Path of the Soul" Reading: This reading discusses the hardships that you may have to deal with on your journey and how best to deal with the conflicts in your life. If you're specifically interested in what the current year holds for you, Rev. Amy Blackthorn can provide a progressed birth chart to examine your specific year ahead. All you need to bring is the date, time and location of your birth to create your chart. This requires a minimum hour session.

Astrological Readings
Birth Chart:  Amy takes your Date, Time and Place of Birth, to create the map of where the stars were when you were born.  This offers insight on your personality traits, in dealing with Self, Money, Love, Partnerships and more!  This comes with twenty pages +/- of interpretation on the information provided in the chart.  $40 Print / Post   $30 Text only Email

A Progressed Chart Reading: This takes your Birth Chart, and spins those planets to see where they are in your houses yesterday, today, or fifty years from now.  This shows how the planets position will affect the ways you deal with problems and issues, as well as to see how you’ve been dealing with the ‘cosmic to do list’ we are all born with.  15 +/- pages $30 Print / Post  $20 Text Only Email

Get Text of both readings emailed to you minus the wheel Images $45

Email and Phone readings can be paid for via PayPal.  Please contact for instructions. 

I recently had a reading done by Rev Blackthorn and I was whole heartedly pleased and highly impressed. When I chose to do the 15 minute reading, I was a little worried I would have to rush through my thoughts to make the time limit as so many other readers have had me do before. Amy was not only kind, she gave me the time to explain what I needed to say how I needed to say it so wouldn’t be interpreted incorrectly thus making my reading flawless. I was completely comfortable talking with her and the way she explains what she sees and why she see it, made it so easy for me to understand where my life is going. She really takes the time to listen and I feel like she'd be someone to constantly try to help anyone as much as she could. She saw the things I felt and put words to things I didn’t have words for. Plus, her decks are gorgeous and I admit I’m jealous. Rev Blackthorn gives you only the truth, whether you like it or not. One thing’s for sure, I am definitely going to have another reading soon!

- Alex P